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Remember: price lists, catalogues and technical info available for download.


Spare parts

All pruducts purchased are transport costs free (Gran Canaria and Tenerife). Price lists and catalogues available in this website.

  • Original quality radiators: all car manufacturers and applications.
  • Cores: copper, steel and aluminium. Prices include wielding the tanks, leak tests and special temperature paint.
  • White label radiators: orientated for car models that are 10 years old and beyond. Exclusively manufactured for Radiadores Paco. Savings ranges from 30 to 50% of the original quality radiators.
  • Fans: Original and standard fit. Most cars and commercial vehicle models covered by our range.
  • Oil coolers.
  • Coolant: Only premium range. Special prices for bulk orders (20 units or more).
  • Intercoolers.
  • Radiator accesories: caps and more.
  • Special radiator paint: helps difuse heat. (10kg unit)
  • Tin bars: for wielding radiators. (25kg unit)
  • Original compressors: for air conditioning, all cars and comercial vehicles models and applications.
  • White label and refurbished compressors: for those looking to save at least 30% from original quality retail price.
  • Standard compressors: Sanden, Seltec, Harrison and Unicla makes.
  • Condensors and evaporators: for air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning hoses: original and standard applications (sold in mts). All kinds, Goodyear, Manulli (frigoclic, refristar and refrimaster). Available for all refrigerants.
  • Nipples for hoses: made in steel and aluminium. Available for all types of hoses.
  • Expansion valves: original and standard fit.
  • Filters and dryers: orginal and standard fit.
  • Compressor spare parts: for compressor repair and refurbish.
  • Electrical parts: for temperature control.


Garage Services

  • Transport services: from or clients businesses to our premises, radiators and compressors to be repaired.
  • Radiator repair service: all types and applications.
  • Special priority service for companies registered on our database: we realise that taxi, bus and truck drivers cannot waste time in repairs.
  • Radiator and cooling system flushing.
  • Air conditioning circuit flushing.
  • Cores: available in steel, aluminium and copper. sold by dimensions and number of rows.
  • Air conditioning refill: all refrigerants and systems.
  • Faulty air conditioners diagnostics. All spare parts used in repairs have company discount.


Machinery and utensils.

All of our air conditioning tools for sale have been tested and are currently in use by our technicians. For this, we think that Radiadores Paco is your best choice for machinery shopping. We are always happy to help you decide wich utensil best fits your needs. You are welcome to visit us and try them yourselves.

  • Information and technical details for AC tooling available to download at this website.

Technical training

  • Technical training courses: these are regulaly taking place in our premises. Contact us if interested.
  • Machinery and tooling repair service.

Radiadores Paco clients that purchase machinery and tooling, are ejoying the life-long after-market service included with the product.

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