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  • Your car´s AC can help you avoid accidents.
  • Your car´s AC can help you avoid accidents.
  • Your car´s AC can help you avoid accidents.


Tips to use and maintain your vehicle´s air conditioning system


Basic Concepts

  • Basically, the working system of the car air conditioning is very similar to that of a common home refrigerator. The difference is that the unit located in vehicles is affected by numerous external factors: engine vibrations, enviromental issues such as rain or wind, the collision of road pebbles, the heat received by the engine, roads or direct sun exposure and air humidity.
  • The common AC unit is composed by 5 to 10 components, depending on the car make or year in which it was built.
  • Similar to the engine refrigeration system, the AC system moves heat from inside the car to the outside.
  • The most common refrigeration gas used in car AC is R134a. It moves inside an air and watertight system.
  • Several studies suggest, that driving with the windows closed and AC on, contributes on reducing accidents. This is achieved by generating driving confort and reducing noise stress.
  • Is completely false that AC users develop illnesses and alergies derived from prolongued use. However, AC must be used moderetely to avoid sudden tempeture changes to the body.


Common system failures

  • Refrigerant leaks: due to the before mentioned external factors, the AC system may leak. May we remind you, that in order work properly, the circuit must be airtight. Should that be the case, we recommend you to bring to our fully equipped garage to locate and repair the leak and refil the unit. 
  • Compressor breakdown: this is the most important and expensive component. The compressor is responsible for moving the refrigerant alongside the circuit. Most common failures are caused by a missuse of AC and manipulation by non-technical personnel.
  • Odors: caused by proliferation of bacteria located in the evaporator. In this case we recommend desinfection of the evaporator and substitution of the air filter.
  • Electrical failure: a fast growing problem among new generation vehicles. Newer cars are equipped with numerous electrical components for automotive system control. AC is one of them. In this case, the car should only be manipulated by experienced technicians.

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  • Only take your car to authorised garages: Spanish regulation 795/2010, states that AC personnel should be in possesion of a certificate to manipulate refrigerants.
  • Before powering the engine: Open doors to allow heat out of the car. Remember that the AC system moves hot air from inside to outside the vehicle. By following this tip, you´ll be speeding the process.
  • Use your AC regularly: the compressor and hoses need to lubricate. You´ll be aiding the system to do so by using it regurlarly.
  • Don´t point the AC air exits directly to users: sudden temperature changes may cause illnesses. 
  • Use the AC knobs and climate buttons with resposability: we recommend a temperature range between 22 and 25ºC. 
  • Refrigerant: the only one used and tested by manufacturers is R134a, do not use substitutes, it may result in a warranty loss.

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